Behaving in ways that are good for our health and for the planet should be a no-brainer. BetterPoints aims to make such behaviour fun, attractive – and normal.
The BetterPoints app is the home of programmes designed to motivate people to behave more healthily and sustainably, such as walking, cycling, and eating better.

Maybe your employer has encouraged you to join a BetterPoints programme, or you’ve seen one advertised locally. To join in, simply download the app and follow the instructions.

Each programme is different, depending on who is sponsoring it and what their objectives are. Some offer rewards for doing the activities they want to encourage.

Such rewards may be in the form of points (BetterPoints) that you can trade in for vouchers or donate to charity, or prize-draw entries (BetterTickets) that give you the chance to win something.

You might also face fun challenges, unlock medals, or have the opportunity to race your colleagues or friends up a leaderboard.


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