Strategic CIL funding applications open in Waverley

News Release

Issued by Waverley Borough Council


Date: Monday 4 July 2022


Strategic CIL funding applications open in Waverley


Groups and organisations in Waverley, looking to deliver strategic infrastructure benefiting the residents and businesses in the borough, are once again being invited to bid for CIL funding by Waverley Borough Council.


CIL, the Community Infrastructure Levy, is a planning charge that councils can use to ensure new developments contribute towards the cost of infrastructure to support growth in the local community. It can be used to fund all of a project such as improving road networks, expanding schools, building health centres or leisure centres, parks and sports facilities, and can be combined with funding available from other sources.


Waverley Borough Council is responsible for making the final decision on the allocation of strategic CIL funds raised.


The bidding round opened on 1 July 2022 and will close for bids on 14 October 2022.


Chair of the CIL Advisory Committee said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for infrastructure providers looking to improve the lives of people living in Waverley to gain funding for their projects. We encourage organisations not to hesitate in taking up this opportunity by submitting an application as soon as possible.

“We allocated just under £400,000 of CIL funding across four different infrastructure projects within Waverley in the bidding round last year, and we hope to have more successful applications this year.”

Bids must be made using the application pack at and be accompanied by relevant supporting material. Decisions on bids will be made after the closure of the bidding round.


For further information, see Groups interested in preparing proposals are encouraged to contact the CIL Team via