Update on vaccinations in Haslemere

Message from NHS Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group



Our local vaccination programme works flexibly to allow for changes in vaccine supply and other factors to ensure we make best use of our resources. This means that our sites don’t operate every day and step up and down in response to vaccine supply.



St Christopher’s Church in Haslemere was used as a local vaccination service in December. Due to the fact that the Pfizer vaccine is particularly challenging in terms of transportation and logistics; alongside the 15 minute observation period required, the re-opening of St Christopher’s Church as a vaccination site has needed to wait until a good supply of the AZ vaccine could be secured.



A supply of the AZ vaccine has been made available for the Haslemere site and appointments will be offered from Thursday this week and the following two days. The site will focus on offering first doses of the vaccine so if people are due for their second dose this will be offered from our G-Live and Cranleigh sites. Looking ahead the aim is to be able to use the site for some days each week; dependent on vaccine supply. This is also happening at other local vaccination sites across Surrey Heartlands.



The vaccine programme across Guildford and Waverley (includes GLive and Cranleigh local vaccination services) is being managed by ProCare Health who represent 19 of the 20 GP practices in the local area. When members of the public within the priority cohorts are offered an appointment they will be notified by ProCare Health by text or phone call.

As a reminder, we aren’t able to offer vaccinations to anyone without an appointment.

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