Wildflower test area

We have been approached by a number of residents who would like to see properly managed wildflower areas.  We are aware this is a contentious issue because some feel that it can look unsightly and detracts from our beautifully maintained green spaces.

Last week it was agreed by Council for several wildflower trial areas at Lion Green, which are the top right hand side of Lion Green beyond the path from Wey Springs and a 3m wide strip adjacent to the stream.

The trial areas will be mown once a month until October 2021, once in May 2022 and once in October 2022.  A review will take place after October 2022 and, if the trial is a success, Council may consider further wildflower areas in green spaces it either owns or manages.

Important Information
Community Help - Covid-19

There are several community groups which have been set up to assist residents during this difficult time:

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