The Staffing Committee meets three times a year and is responsible for all staffing issues. As the issues discussed concern to staff and are of a confidential nature, Staffing Committee meetings are usually held in exempt.​


The Staffing Committee consists of five councillors and the Mayor. This year the committee is comprised of following councillors:

    • Councillor Jean Arrick​
    • Councillor David Dullaway
    • Councillor Claire Matthes
    • Councillor Peter Nicholson
    • Councillor Melanie Odell


To view the Staffing Committee’s Terms of Reference click here.


Please contact the Town Clerk if you have any queries relating to the Staffing Committee.

Staffing Meetings

Date Agenda and Papers

13 Aug 2021


05 Mar 2021


19 Mar 2020


11 Oct 2019