Hire St Christopher's Green

Open space for Haslemere residents & available to hire.

St Christopher’s Green is owned by Haslemere Town Council and is available to hire.

It is available for hire all year round and will suit small one day events, such as the Haslemere Chamber of Commerce monthly Craft and Vintage Fair. Hire is £75 per day for commercial events and free for non-commercial events.

The Green does not have a premises licence and any form of vehicular access is not allowed.

If you would like to book St Christopher’s Green for an event, please fill in the online application form. You will also be required to submit a copy of public liability insurance covering the event as well as evidence of any licenses required for activities.

If you are using a sound system for your event Haslemere Town Council recommends you consult with Waverley Borough Council on appropriate noise levels visit here for further information.



Application for permission to use St Christopher’s Green, Haslemere

  1. This application must be completed and submitted to Haslemere Town Council a minimum of three months before the required usage date in order to secure the use of St Christopher’s Green.
  2. All events will require Public Liability Insurance to cover the organiser’s legal liability to third parties for damage to property or injury to persons that occurs during the course of the event. In addition, the organiser will wish to ensure that all contractors and performers etc. participating in the event have their own public liability insurance to cover their own liabilities.  The organiser is also required to take out a general insurance to cover any damage caused to St Christopher’s Green.
  3. If your application is approved, you will be sent an Agreement to sign and return. It is important that the person signing the licence agreement reads the attached terms and conditions and fully understands the responsibilities for which they are signing. It is at this stage that the applicant will have to supply to the Town Council, a copy of their Public Liability Insurance certificate valid for the date of the event as well as proof of insurance covering any damage to St Christopher’s Green.
  4. There may be a charge for use of St Christopher’s Green but this cannot be determined until the completed application form is evaluated by the Amenities Committee and approved by the Town Council. Any such charges must be paid at least four weeks in advance of the event.
  5. Any plant, equipment or materials remaining on St Christopher’s Green beyond the Agreement period may incur further charges.
  6. On expiry of the Agreement you will be responsible for cleaning the site of all litter and return the site to its original state. A deposit may be requested to be held by Haslemere Town Council against reparation for any damage caused. Any such deposit will be refunded once the condition of St Christopher’s Green has been checked by Council officers following the event.
  7. Only the defined area stated in the Agreement may be used.
  8. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that access is maintained at all times for the emergency services.
  9. Use of St Christopher’s Green must not take place without the appropriate Agreement.
  10. No vehicle shall enter St Christopher’s Green and you shall ensure that no vehicle of any description shall cause any damage to the surface area of the Green, especially in inclement weather. Any damage that may be caused must be reported immediately to the Town Council and you will be liable for the cost of any repairs for damage to the satisfaction of the Town Council.
  11. The Agreement is made for the sole benefit of the applicant and is not transferable or assignable.
  12. ​Authorised representatives of the Council will be entitled to enter the site at any time, to inspect the state and condition of the land and you will comply with any reasonable directions from the Council or its authorised representatives including reasonable directions relating to the safety of the site.​
  13. It is entirely the responsibility of the organiser to obtain any licenses or advertising consents required by Waverley Borough Council with regard to the event e.g. sale of alcohol, erection of banners etc. The advice can be obtained from the Licensing and Planning Teams at Waverley Borough Council on 01483 523333. Should you require a license/advertisement consent, you should allow up to 12 weeks for your application to be processed and there may be a charge. Such licenses/consents must be clearly displayed at the event and submitted to Haslemere Town Council prior to the event as evidence of appropriate permissions.

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