Committee Amenities

The Amenities Committee meets six times a year and is responsible for recommending policy to Council in connection with a number of facilities and services in the Town Council area provided by the Town Council.


The grounds maintenance of Lion Green and a number of other areas (listed below) are under the control of the Council and subject to management by the Amenities Committee.


  • Memorial Green on the High Street
  • Flower beds in front of Half Moon House on the High Street
  • Area at the junction of Shepherds Hill/Lower Street
  • Area opposite the police station
  • Railway embankment on Lower Street
  • St Christopher’s Green (including land adjacent to Wey Hill car park)
  • Town Meadow
  • Clement Corner
  • Planting and maintenance of the floral tubs on the High Street and in Beacon Hill
  • Woodcock memorial garden at the junction of the A287/Beacon Hill Road
  • Grover’s Gardens on Wood Road in Beacon Hill
  • Woodcock Green in Beacon Hill
  • Area surrounding the war memorial in Hindhead
  • Area surrounding the war memorial in Grayswood
  • Public toilets in Haslemere

Amenities also consider the provision of allotment gardens, (a statutory duty of the Council), together with the provision of seats all around the area, in Critchmere, Grayswood, Haslemere, Hindhead and Shottermill.


The Amenities Committee is comprised of the following councillors:

  • Councillor Jean Arrick
  • Councillor Serena Austin
  • ​Councillor Lesley Banfield
  • Councillor Tom Bridge
  • Councillor Bryan Carroll
  • Councillor Jerome Davidson
  • Councillor Jacquie Keen
  • Councillor Claire Matthes
  • Councillor Peter Nicholson
  • Councillor John Robini


To view the Amenities Committee’s Terms of Reference click here.


Please contact the Deputy Town Clerk if you have any queries relating to the Amenities Committee.

Amenities Meetings

Date Agenda and Papers

20 Jun 2024


11 Apr 2024


08 Feb 2024


30 Nov 2023


05 Oct 2023


10 Aug 2023


08 Jun 2023