John Weatherburn

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Haslemere North


Declaration of Interest

John was born and grew up in Africa but spent most of his career overseas and has lived in 11 countries. He and his family moved to Haslemere in 1986 with his three daughters all educated locally.
Concerned about the natural world, John has dived extensively in the Red Sea and South-East Asia, crossed the Rub’ Al Khali (the world’s largest sand desert), cycle-camped across North America and from Land’s End to John O’Groats.
John believes that Global Warming is humanity’s greatest threat and that in a decent society everyone can believe, think, communicate and do anything they wish as long their communications and actions do not abuse other people. It is the primary responsibility of government at all levels to ensure that possibility for everyone.
For John the primary responsibility of local government is to do the best it can for all local communities irrespective of any affiliation at the lowest reasonable cost. Of mostly Scots descent, John is a staunch Unionist
John was elected to Haslemere Town Council in the 2023 local elections.