Lesley Banfield

Contact me at lesley.banfield@haslemeretc.org


Haslemere South

Amenities, CIL, CBEC

Declaration of Interest

A resident of Haslemere for 22 years, Lesley has undertaken extensive voluntary community work, including joint-founder of Haslemere Vision, co-founder of the Haslemere Fringe Festival and past Arts Director, member of the working group that prepared the Haslemere Design Statement and presently a member of Haslemere Biodiversity Group.


A qualified and experience urban designer/architect/project manager, Lesley is now a consultant with 35 years business experience working with councils, governments and the private sector on regeneration, housing and sustainability.


Lesley is passionate in supporting Haslemere, its community, future prosperity and wellbeing.


Cllr Banfield was elected in the 2023 local elections.