CIL funding


CIL, the Community Infrastructure Levy, is a planning charge that councils can use to ensure new developments contribute towards the cost of infrastructure to support growth in the local community.

As a Council we are committed to ensuring available CIL funding is used for the benefit of the community. This funding can be used broadly for the following:

• Transport schemes including improved road, pedestrian cycling, bridleway and safety schemes.
• Improvements to open space, recreational and children’s play space and facilities.
• Youth provision.
• Schemes to improve biodiversity.
• Improvements to build community space; and
• Flood and drainage improvements.

Please see the CIL guide for residents we have put together. If you have a proposal which you would like to put forward for consideration, please go to the Infrastructure & CIL committee page and complete an application form.  Otherwise, please contact

If you have a project and are looking for funding visit or email or call 01428 654305.